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Jen Practices

Yoga for Boxers


Safely regain flexibility in the shoulders and hips, strengthen chest and shoulders, improve waistline mobility for defense, and master the fighter’s mindset.

@raymondmontalvo  with shoulders rolled, hinged at the waist for that perfect boxer's stance

@raymondmontalvo with shoulders rolled, hinged at the waist for that perfect boxer's stance

regaining flexibility

A boxer who protects his or her face (that’s the name of the game!) can lose shoulder mobility over time from working with the shoulders rolled slightly forward, elbows tucked in, and hands protecting the face. By working specifically with chest and throat openers to counter-stretch the usually-contracted position of the upper body in the fighter’s stance, boxers can regain mobility which ultimately translates into speed in the ring - tight shoulders are slow shoulders.

Protection from body shots requires a bend in the knees and a slight hinge at the waist. Regaining flexibility at the waistline means faster blocks, parries, slips, rolls, and weaves. The pugilist’s flow works with asana (yoga poses) that both strengthen the obliques and release tight fascia that forms over the hip flexors over years of boxing and keeps them tight.

@hystericgina  displaying mobile shoulder strength

@hystericgina displaying mobile shoulder strength

building mobile shoulder & Leg strength

Chaturanga has long been dubbed the “shoulder shredder” by yogis. When done improperly, overuse injuries can show up as pain and easily fatigued shoulders. Pugilist’s Power Flow focuses on form first and foremost because chaturanga dandasana - when done properly - becomes a shoulder shredder in all the right ways: defined muscle tone across the trapezius, deltoids, and pectorals.

Get your fighter's stance on point with challenging Warrior flows. Asana to engage the quads, hamstrings and calves contributes proper weight distribution, develop grounding techniques, and mastering balance... which ultimately translates to delivering knockout punch power in the ring. 

Did somebody say KO?

@introvertedlawyer  working waistline mobility

@introvertedlawyer working waistline mobility

improved defense & injury prevention

A fast and flexible midsection quickly avoids body shots, while chest and core strength keeps the ones that land from setting you back. Asana to strengthen the core and chest helps keep a fighter unfazed by landed shots, and asana to fire up the obliques makes those landed shots harder for an opponent to come by. 

Drills and postures to strengthen the wrists and forearms provide stability to the hands, wrists and elbows, avoiding common upper body injuries, while strengthening the quads, hamstrings and calves prevents knee and ankle instability that can cause a knockdown... and nobody likes to hear that 8-count. 

A safe and stable fighter is a successful fighter! 

Most of all... master the boxer's mindset. If your head isn't in the ring... neither are you!

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