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here i am

Jen GaljourComment
here i am

My last “real” Instagram post was over a month ago. At the time, I archived a bunch of posts and changed my profile to reflect my plan at that moment: 

pressed pause to enjoy all the things. 

just because i deserve to.

holding It all close + quiet.

not here to inspire, but to be inspired. 

I even removed the link to my blog from my bio. 

There was a lot going on in my life at the moment (not that there isn’t still…), and I needed a little while to just take care of me. I needed to journal content that helped me figure out what I wanted. I needed to take photos and screen shots of things that made me giggle. 

The past month has been rough. I underwent a potentially career-ending injury and a surgery that didn’t promise a full recovery but sure as heck gave me a better chance as something close to that. I thought that not being able to do my usual workouts was defeating until the day I tried to put on leggings with one hand… and it just wasn’t happening. 

Eventually I got back into the gym with a very obvious imbalance in my upper body. I decided to move back to the city. I found an amazing acupuncturist who does so much more for my body and soul than poke me with needles. I decided to approach work from a different mindset. I revamped my finances and came up with a new plan. I purged my belongings (well that’s still a work in progress - I recommend ThredUp to anyone looking to simplify her closet). 

I took a break from giving on these platforms because I needed to give a little more to myself for a while: I needed more of my own advice, my own encouragement, my own creativity, and my own support. And on the other end, I’ve come out feeling more confident, sexy, capable and in control, when the circumstances sure as hell could have left me feeling more confused, weak, and demotivated. 

In case you need a reminder: there’s nothing selfish about taking care of yourself. Fostering your best self is what ultimately gives you the opportunity to share your best self with others. And if you’re having a hard time convincing yourself that you deserve the best, you might just be the kind of person (ahem, like me) who thinks that others deserve the best version of you. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. 

Here I am, back from my breather.