look ma' - no hands!

Athletes don’t make excuses and excuses don’t make athletes.

So here I am, not taking a break from the blog… but definitely taking a break from cutting avocados! (Ok, but seriously last night the keyboard would have looked like a murder scene.)

Sometimes when I think I’ve listened to my body, I haven’t actually heard what it has to say. And I think that this injury (or rather this series of injuries... I mean who slices their hand TWICE IN ONE WEEK trying to de-pit avocados?) - rather than prompting me to stop - was actually pushing me to be more creative. 

So maybe the answers aren’t what we think they are? Maybe they’re just another question, one that drives us to do something a little bit differently than we normally do. Maybe they’re an opportunity for something more creative. 

For this hands-free workout, I pulled some of my favorite moves from Morgan Tyler’s Ab’Asanas and Kenzie Morley's The Fit Yogi Trainer e-Guide, combined them with some of my favorite compound movements and some resistance bands (Bianca Vesco Inspo always!) and landed on this:


5 minute treadmill warm-up:

  • Begin at a moderate speed with a slight incline. 
  • Maintain speed x 5 minutes, but increase your incline every 30 seconds. The key here is not to be going ham on speed, but to start firing up your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. When it comes to the treadmill (for me personally): INCLINE IS EVERYTHING. 
  • Stay on the treadmill because that’s the first minute of your circuit! 


  1. 60 sec treadmill sprint (keep your incline - go ham on speed!)
  2. 60 sec single leg glute bridge (30 sec each side)
  3. 60 sec core *see below (varies each round)
  4. 60 sec right leg reverse lunge - single leg deadlift - standing knee tuck crunch. I love this compound movement and added a resistance band for a little more of a challenge. You’ll notice that single leg work not only challenges your lower body (your glutes should be en fuego), but also requires a lot of core stability, so your obliques will be firing to keep you upright. 
  5. 60 sec left leg reverse lunge - single leg deadlift - standing knee tuck crunch. 
  6. 60 sec resistance band curls (30 sec each side). I got away with this by placing the resistance band around my wrist. You can play with the strength and length of the resistance band that you use, but a short heavy one put me into this flamingo position which kept my core firing. 

I like to vary core with each round to make sure I'm hitting each part of my abdominals and really honing in on the obliques. You've got a ton of options here - seriously look into buying Morgan's Ab'Asanas (which is 25% off today! Head to her Instagram for details!) - but here's what I went with today:

  • Eagle crunch (30 sec each side)
  • Prayer twist (yogi version of Russian twist)
  • Tuck crunch (not pictured here, but you'll find it a ton in The Fit Yogi Trainer - check out my blog post here to see it in action)

Complete 3 rounds = 18 minutes with little to no rest.

I use this Tabata timer app on my phone for circuits like this when I need to run to and from the treadmill or set up resistance bands and give myself 5-7 seconds between moves for equipment). 

Strength drill

You have a lot of options here especially if you can hold weights or have a weighted vest. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been feeling core stability today just about as much as I've been feeling Beychella, so I went for body weight deadlifts on the Bosu ball. I love working out on the Bosu ball. Any standing movement (biceps curls and other upper body weight exercises, squats, etc) become way more challenging on the Bosu ball which hacks into all those little core and leg stabilizers which are otherwise not so easy to isolate. If you want to elevate your workout, throw the Bosu in any and every chance you get! 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! 

How have you used creativity to prevent injuries from causing you major fitness setbacks? Comment below and let me know!