mindful meals

I’m so guilty of throwing food together quickly and plopping down in front of the TV. But I have been making an effort to incorporate mindfulness into preparing and eating food, and it’s a total game changer.


Tap into your senses!

What does the food feel like? Is it hard or soft? Feel for the ripeness of fruits and vegetables. Compare and contrast one avocado from the other (eat the one that yields to firm but gentle pressure). Is it smooth? Rough? A bit prickly like these cactus fruit (A.K.A. “prickly pear”)? Notice not only how the foods feel in your hands, but how they feel in your mouth. I’m guilty of eating pineapple until it burns! Take your time, chew slowly, and decide upon some descriptive terms that add insight to your meal.

Look for moisture and color. Is the color different on the outside than the inside? Both the dragon fruit and prickly pear had nice surprises once opened up. And is there really anything as satisfying as opening up the perfect avocado?

Smell your food, especially when cooking with spices, noticing how they change as they heat up. Appreciate the way that onions and garlic become more aromatic with a little time in hot olive oil on the stove top.

THINK. Reflect on how that piece of food made it to your plate and ultimately to your mouth. Was the journey long or short? Did it involve many steps or just a few? Take some time to reflect on the impact that your nutrition has not only on your health, but also on a much larger scale.

Put the phone down, turn off the TV, and enjoy the meal. Bringing mindfulness to my meals not only connects me to what I put in my body, but also gives me a much greater appreciation for the food that I eat.


How do you incorporate mindfulness into preparing and eating your food? Comment below and let me know!