Jen Galjour

Moving on-the-move

Jen Galjour
Moving on-the-move

This week I’m upstate for work and we’ll be focusing on keeping up with life on-the-move without compromising all the practice we put in while home. With frequent travel on my schedule, I know what a challenge it can be to stay moving while on the road. Today, a sneak peek at my favorite travel essentials to keep moving! 

Sticking with things that are portable and effective helps me stay motivated. I work minimum 10-hour days when I travel for work, so if the workout or equipment seems overwhelming, I can be easily tempted to throw in the towel. Here are some of my favorite fit-in-your-suitcase (most of them are small enough for your carry-on!) essentials! 

Resistance bands can be used to recreate the resistance that we normally rely on weights or machines for and they require us to use a lot of our stabilizing muscles (think core!) without adding much bulk or weight to our luggage. Superstar fitpro Bianca Vesco says: "I love resistance bands because they are incredibly easy to travel with and so versatile. You can recreate almost any weighted workout with bands and it is something completely different. Our smaller muscle groups NEED to be strengthened to assist the bigger muscles groups and that's why you must incorporate bands into your workouts." Alexia Clark joins Bianca as an instagram go-to for amazing resistance band workouts! Here's a great one from Bianca as well as upper and lower body workouts from Alexia.  


I always bring my yoga mat. If you'll be staying in hotels, you can count on carpet, which means you won't notice much of a difference in cushion/support with a travel-thickness mat. For road trips I take my Yoga Design Lab travel mat, and for flying I use a foldable organic cotton mat like this one from Billy the Bee. 


Sliders are a fun and portable way to sneak in some serious core work. Check out these moves to seriously fire up your abs. They’re affordable, but if you don’t want to fork up the cash or forget to pack yours, paper plates make a good substitute or even a book, perfectly - and creatively - executed by movement coach Kaisa Keranen here.  Bonus: she’s got some fun ways to make your napkin or hand towel into gym equipment! 

Jump rope! Jumping rope is a killer cardio workout. In addition to being a super efficient calorie-burner that can be done anywhere, jumping rope develops your rhythm and coordination. There’s a reason boxers stick with this tried-and-true portable workout! Give this rhythmic jump roping sequence by Body by Simone a try!  

Packed a rolling suitcase? Instant in-hotel gym! I’m in love with these roll-outs and wall-sit-passes from Alexia. You can adjust the weight by emptying and filling your suitcase and get to work with this dumbbell and barbell stand-in. Check out Kaisa’s full-body suitcase workout here.


Nothing at all! There’s plenty you can do without a single piece of equipment! Check out this beautiful beach flow and this equally scenic but higher intensity gear-free core burnout

It’s super cold upstate right now, but if the weather’s nice where you’re traveling, consider walking or biking (most bigger cities have bike-share rentals), or check out local hiking if you’re not too pressed for time. Finding a local gym or studio (yoga, boxing, HIIT, etc) can be an especially nice way to create a little bit of routine if you travel to the same place frequently for work. 


There are wayyyy too many apps for me to include in this post, but let me know your favorites - I'm always in the market for more on-the-go movement.