Sip Yourself Well

The flu has HIT. We're both laid up with a strict schedule of pajamas, tea, Epsom salt baths, and my favorite get-well soups. The last thing I want to do when I'm feeling feverish is cook, so having something simple to throw together and even easier to prep freshly is a major bonus. PSA: I have a serious issue with mason jar food posts on Instagram because 99.9% of them are IMPOSSIBLE to eat without dumping everything out, but this is the one thing you actually CAN prep and eat in a mason jar! 

We usually happen to have a bunch of herbs and aromatics around the house, but feel free to get creative with what you have in the fridge and cupboard... nobody wants to go to the grocery when they're sick. 


So let's see what we have here... 

  • Basil: anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (fever reducer), analgesic (pain reliever), antioxidant, immune booster
  • Cilantro: antioxidant, detoxification, stress relief (because being sick ain't easy!)
  • Garlic: boosts immunity, antioxidant, detoxification
  • Ginger: mediates nausea, settles stomach, boosts immunity, analgesic
  • Scallions: great source of Vitamin C
  • Sriracha: open up those sinuses!
  • Red curry paste: breathe easy!
  • Miso paste: great source of potassium, B vitamins, and it's oh-so-soothing
  • Shiitake mushrooms: immune support, anti-microbial, B vitamins, and vitamin D (because I'm staying indoors)
  • Carrot "noodles": vitamins, antioxidants
  • Daikon radish "noodles": hydrating, detoxifying 
  • Tofu. Feel free to go with cooked chicken or other protein of your choice. 
  • Lime: immune boosting, antioxidant, and loaded with Vitamin C (one lime contains about 1/3 of your daily recommended Vitamin C!)

Putting your soup jar together: (hover over image for instructions)

  1. Start with your spices and aromatics. Bottom layer is best for your curry and miso pastes, garlic, and ginger. (You're welcome to use fresh garlic and ginger, but when I'm sick I have just enough time for the minced jar.)
  2. Noodles. I used carrots and daikon radish because ::drumroll, please:: they were in the fridge. Zucchini works well. Regular old noodles work well. We have a spiral cutter and it's super easy to use (and clean). I was hesitant at first, but with what the supermarket charges for spiral cut veggies, you'll save yourself a fortune. 
  3. Mushrooms, scallions, and protein. As much or as little as you want. No measurements here, we all have fever brain (is that a thing?)
  4. Herbs! Go wild. 
  5. Garnish: lime wedge and a healthy squirt of sriracha to open up your sinuses!
  6. Pop the lid on and throw them in the fridge. Will keep well for up to 3 days. 

Your fever broke and you've morphed from no-appetite-at-all to feeling-a-bit-ravenous. Or your mom called and insists that you put something in the tank. Either way, time to eat. 

  1. Boil water. Get the kettle fired up!
  2. Fill to brim and replace the lid. 
  3. Shake (stir if needed) to dissolve your pastes and spices into a fever-fighting broth and let steep for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Put on your favorite onesie, settle into the couch, hop onto Netflix, and enjoy! 

Get creative, use what's lying around, and let me know how your soup jars turn out.

What's your favorite "comfort food" when you're feeling sick? Let me know in the comments!