Jen Practices
Jen Practices



Hello, my name is Jen. 

Why practice? To be in the constant process of progress. 

I’m a New York based doctor by day (and night), Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach, yoga instructor, heavy bag hitter and world traveler who believes that - with a little practice - I can have it all.

I practice Movement as Medicine because losing myself in movement is exactly how I find myself. Whether I'm bending my way through a flow on my yoga mat or punching a heavy bag (boxing and yoga are my two favorites!), movement is therapeutic for me when it gets me out of my head and into my physicality.

I practice Conscious Consumption because what I put into and on my body and the way that I spend my time, energy and money is critical to my growth and happiness. Keeping it simple with an emphasis on what's natural and easy helps me to maintain a practice of conscious consumption in my busy day-to-day.

And I practice Mindful Living. Yes, I meditate (or rather, I practice meditating... with plenty of room for improvement), but mindful living means so much more than that. Any hack or exercise that brings me into the present moment is a big win when it comes to practicing mindful living.

I hope you enjoy practicing with me! It'll be fun! There will be giveaways and challenges to participate in and simple, healthy recipes for you to practice making at home. I hope this blog inspires you to live your best life and practice with me - feel free to comment as you go or follow me on social media!